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Kaumagraph International manufactures specialty transfers for the textile industry. Our transfers are used in a wide variety of markets from t-shirts to tennis balls to pant pocketing. Although we use the term ‘heat transfer’ to describe our product, a Kaumagraph transfer is unique as it is manufactured with a proprietary ink formula that is different from traditional plastisol based or digital heat transfers. This unique ink is what separates a Kaumagraph transfer from those of our competitors.

Since 1923 Kaumagraph has been manufacturing transfers for many diverse markets and is universally recognized as the inventor of the heat transfer. Over the years, the process has been improved and the inks changed. Kaumagraph transfers are today eco-friendly and free of harmful phthalates and lead. Our ink is superior to all other types of ink in its durability, feel and finish.

The head office is located in beautiful Port Elgin, Ontario Canada.  We have a European Manufacturing site in Manchester, England and an Asian Manufacturing site just outside of Bangkok, Thailand.  Transfers are shipped from Canada, England or Thailand to many locations all over the world.

What Is a Kaumagraph Transfer?

A frequently asked question for us is 'what is a Kaumagraph?'  Well, simply put, a Kaumagraph is a hot paper transfer that is applied to a textile with heat and pressure.  A Kaumagraph is different from many other transfers on the market in that it doesn't need any...

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