Continuous Ink

Kaumagraph Continuous transfers are another option for many embellishments.  Continuous is available in up to 5 colors.  Different variations of continuous can be used for low-melt requirements.  Additionally, our Opaque version of the ink has better opacity than our other formulas.  Continuous is only available from our Canadian facility.


  • Lead, Phthalate and PVC free
  • Halo Free
  • Great Stretch and Recovery
  • Soft hand feel for a more comfortable product
  • Very durable ink survives all home laundry tests and many aggressive washes
  • Can be applied to cut pieces before garment assembly for improved manufacturing processes
  • Very competitively priced
  • Available in roll to roll format (cut singles available at additional charge)
  • Also available by the meter for continuous overall printing
  • Multiple color designs can be achieved
  • Prints on many specialty fabrics including vintex, spandex and more


  • Ink contains small levels of PVCs

Suggested Markets:

Ideal Pressing Conditions:

  • 350°F-380°F / 175°C-195°C
  • 2 second dwell time
  • 60-100 PSI
  • Peel Immediately While Hot
  • Some testing required for different fabric content