Denim and Pants Pockets and Waistbands

Kaumagraph International manufactures specialty heat transfers for use in pant and jean pockets
and waistbands. Our transfers are an ideal solution for those who aim to increase brand recognition
by printing branding material as well as care and content on the pocket bags and/or denim
Kaumagraph Heat transfers have been tested in some of the most severe denim washes in the industry.
With proper application, we have the best solution to balance image integrity, manufacturing
efficiencies and price.

Successful Wash Tests:

6 Hour Ston, 60 Minute Enzyme, 90 minute enzyme with tint and softener, 2 hour garment dye, 2 hour garment dye with ozone, Stone Bleach, Enzyme

**Washes are performed by customers and are not independently verified by Kaumagraph.  Individual testing is required.

Ideal Pressing Conditions:


4 second dwell time

80-100 PSI

Some testing required for different fabric content