EcoMelt Ink

Kaumagraph EcoMelt Transfers are recommended for fine detail.  EcoMelt has great indelible properties for most applications.  EcoMelt is perfect to use where good legibility in small text is important.  EcoMelt is available as a 1 colour with some artworks able to be done in 2 colours.


  • Lead, Phthalate and PVC free
  • Halo Free
  • Great Stretch and Recovery
  • Capable of fine detail in text and lines
  • Soft hand feel for a more comfortable product
  • Very durable ink survives all home laundry tests and many more aggressive washes
  • Can be applied to cut pieces before garment assembly for improved manufacturing processes
  • Available in roll to roll format (cut singles available at additional charge)


  • Subtle dye migration on dark fabrics with light coloured ink

Suggested Markets:

Ideal Pressing Conditions:

  • 350°F-380°F / 175°C-195°C
  • 2 second dwell time
  • 60-80 PSI
  • Peel Immediately While Hot
  • Some testing required for different fabric content