Industrial Property Marking – Medical, Laundries, Hotels, Prisons

Kaumagraph Transfers are widely used in the property mark industry.  You can find our transfers in many hotels and motels, nursing homes, hospitals, country clubs, prisons and more.  They are used in industrial laundries and rental supply companies worldwide.  Our transfers are especially beneficial in heavy industrial wash environments due to the durability of the print after application.

Recommended Ink Types:

  • EcoMelt – for fine detail
  • HTA—For high durability
  • DEC – for multi-colour (PVC free)
  • Continuous – for multi-colours where PVCs are ok and higher opacity is required

Ideal Pressing Conditions:

  • 350°F-380°F / 175°C-195°C
  • 2-4 second dwell time
  • 60-80 PSI
  • Some testing required for different fabric content

Best Markets for Kaumagraph Property Marks:

  • Hospitals
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Nursing Homes
  • Linen Supply Companies
  • Prisons
  • Country Clubs