Kaumagraph Ink Types

Kaumagraph transfers are available in 5 different, yet similar, ink types.  The ink you choose for your application will depend partially on your requirements like wash, finish, number of colours; and partially on the art you would like completed.

Ink Types:

  • EcoMelt – Primarily chosen for artwork that has fine lines and details.  Limited to 1 colour.
  • HTA – Primarily chosen for greater durability.  Best results in industrial and other harsh washes.  1-3 colours.
  • DEC – For Multi-colour (PVC free) decorative work.  Currently only available out of UK facility.
  • Continuous – For multi-colour where PVCs are ok and higher opacity is required.  Currently only available out of Canada facility.
  • TB – Specifically formulated for Tennis Ball felt.