Back Neck Labels (Tagless Labelling)

Kaumagraph International manufactures specialty heat transfers for labelling T-Shirts, Underwear, sports apparel and more. Our tagless labels are an ideal solution for those who aim to increase brand recognition by printing their logo along side care and content information.

Recommended Ink Types:

  • HTA—For greater wash durability
  • DEC or EcoMelt – For fine details in small print

Pros of using Kaumagrah for Tagless Labels:

  • Good washability – passes 25 home laundries
  • Excellent Stretch and Recovery
  • Excellent Price Point – competitive to pad printing with the ease of use of a transfer
  • Available in roll format for efficient application using a roll to roll heat press
  • Fast Application due to 2 second dwell time
  • Kaumagraph transfers will expand and shrink along with the textile avoiding the pucker effect which is seen with many other transfers on the market
  • No adhesive is used therefore avoiding the unsightly halo effect seen with adhesive based heat transfers
  • Soft hand feel of the transfer is comfortable on the skin

Cons of using Kaumagraph for Tagless Labels:

  • Light colours are not very vibrant on dark ground fabric.  This is due to the fact our transfers melt into the fabric and thus we experience subtle die migration.
  • Due to the heat required in application, performance polyester and spandex blends are not great substrates for Kaumagraph transfers.  The transfer works great but the heat will leave a mark from the heat plate.

Ideal Pressing Conditions:

  • 350°F-380°F / 175°C-195°C
  • 2 second dwell time
  • 60-80 PSI
  • Some testing required for different fabric content

Best Markets for Kaumagraph Tagless Labels:

  • Cotton and Polyester Blend T-shirts
  • Underwear and Intimate Apparel
  • Baby wear