Less Paper used than Plastisol or Digital Transfers

Used Paper is 100% Recyclable

Ink is Manufactured using natural materials

No harmful substances like lead, phthalates or heavy metals


Survive up to 100+ washes in an Industrial Laundry

Survive Specialty Denim and Garment Washes

Transfer Durability is why the worlds largest tennis ball manufacturers choose Kaumagraph.

If your application requires long lasting ink in harsh environments, allow us to show you how we can help.


Production in North America and Asia

We Take Pride in Service and Support

Wherever your manufacturing is, we can deliver to you quickly and efficiently

Kaumagraph Applications

Medical Textiles

Property Marks, Logos and Quality Control Grids for Scrubs, Isolation Gowns, Surgical Drapes and Hospital Linens

Institutional Linens

Property Marks and Logos for Hotels/Motels, Long Term Care Homes, Prisons and Linen Supply Companies.

Garment Labels

Back Neck Shirt Labels, Underwear Labels, Lingerie Labels and More.

Socks and Hosiery

Branding and Labelling for Socks, Hosiery and Medical Hosiery.

Pant Pocketing and Waistbands

Durable and efficient transfer solutions for pocket lining and waistbands.

Shoe Insole/Sock Liner Transfers

Fast and Efficient Printing of Brand Logo on Shoe Insoles.

Tennis Ball Logos

Highest Quality Logos used by the biggest names in the sport!

Flag Labelling

Durable label solution for labelling the Flag Header


Logo and Content Printing on many types of gloves.


Branding re-usable facemasks quickly and economically.

Decorative Garment Printing

Including T-Shirt Designs, Fabric Printing and Pattern Printing on finished textiles.


Narrow Goods Printing

Narrow width elastic, lanyards, shoelaces and more.

Wool Blankets

Branding, Design and Aid Agency awareness.

Chamois Cloth

Durable application of logos onto genuine chamois leather.

Felt Wheels

Easy application of branding onto felt polishing and finishing wheels

Canvas Products

Kaumagraph Transfers apply extremely well to Canvas Products like Tents

Pool Table Felt

Transfer printing onto felt for Trademarking or Design

Tweed Fabric Marking

Marking on Tweed Fabric Quickly and Easily