Branding Socks with Kaumagraph Transfers

Kaumagraph Transfers are used for branding and content labelling socks and hosiery.  


Medical Hosiery

Medical hosiery is labelled with transfers to brand and also meet regulations for medical use.  Compression hosiery cannot have logos and information knit into the sock due to the nature of the socks.

Printing Using Heated Iron

Transfer Printing is fast and easy.  With a heated iron simply add pressure to the transfer and quickly peel away in a swiping motion while maintaining pressure on the paper.  Iron should heat to at least 360°F/180°C.  Some testing is required.

Roll to Roll Printing

Roll to roll printing is fast and efficient.  1 second dwell time with heay pressure and the machine will automatcally peel the transfer and move to the next label on the roll.

Boarding Machine Printing

Many major boarding machine manufacturers offer a printing unit as feature of the boarding machine.  This makes the printing even more automated.

Overall Decoration

Decorating socks and hosiery with an overall print is easy with our Kaumagraph transfers.  We can help you setup a printing line with a heated nip roller system to print both sides of a boarded sock.