Additional Information

Kaumagraph Transfer Layouts: At Kaumagraph, we will setup your transfers according to your requirements.  You may choose one of the below layouts which best suits your applications needs.  When choosing, consider the heat press you will be using for application.  Contact us and we can make heat press recommendations for you if required.
Kaumagraph Transfer Layout SRI Left to RIght
Kaumagraph Transfer Layout SR2 Right to Left
Kaumagraph Transfer Layout SR3 Regular
Kaumagraph Transfer Layout SR4 Reverse
Sensor Marks: Kaumagraph can add a sensor mark (otherwise known as a trigger mark or laser eye mark) onto the transfer.  The customer will need to provide the specs required from the heat press for proper placement of the sensor mark.  The example below shows a sensor mark leading the transfer.  Kaumagraph sensor marks will print if the come into contact with the heat plate.
Kaumagraph Transfer with sensor marks
Stock Colors and Color Matching: Kaumagraph has a selection of stock colors to choose from.  They are listed below.
  • Black
  • White
  • Reflex Blue
  • Red 186C
  • Green 347U
  • Yellow 803U
  • Light Grey 420C
  • Dark Grey 424C
  • Purple 260C
  • Maroon 209C
  • Pink 211C
  • Lime Green 802C
  • Dark Green 349C
  • Navy 282C
  • Cream 7499U
  • Brown 478U
  • Orange 165C
  • Light Blue 279C
If you need an exact color match, please provide a PMS number and we will do our best to match it.  Colors can change slightly based on the substrate and ground color.  For best results, please send us a sample piece of material for testing.