Transfers for Institutional Linens

Property Marking Transfers are suited for hotels, motels, resorts, long term care homes, restaurants, prisons and more.  Logos are used both for branding as well as an aid for laundry sorting.


Property Marks

Kaumagraph transfers are used to mark linens, towels and uniforms in hotels, motels and resorts as well as long term care homes.   Helps reduce loss in Industrial Laundries as product is branded with your logo.  Aids laundries in sorting product after was to be returned to the right customer and location.

Linen Rental Companies

Protect your linen rental property by marking your linens with your name and logo.  

Correctional Facility Uniforms and Linens

Inmate Uniform and Linen labelling is important for Industrial Laundries and different departments within an Institution.