A growing trend in the fashion and packaging industry is sustainability.  The consumer is increasingly conscious of their impact on the environment and thus many brands, large and small, are listening to the consumer and offering products and solutions that have a much smaller impact on the environment.  At Kaumagraph International, we believe in this movement and we always have been a socially conscious company.

By nature of our heat transfer manufacturing process, our transfers use less paper than the competition. Our paper weight is very light. Only 25-40 GSM!  In contrast, most traditional heat transfer products are printed on very heavy, chemically coated paper with weights of at least 80 GSM up to over 300 GSM.  Some transfers even use a plastic carrier paper which of course has an even greater impact on the environment.  Finally, spent transfer paper can be recycled in many jurisdictions creating a zero waste consumable product. It quickly becomes very obvious that a Kaumagraph Transfer will have much less paper usage than the competition.

Secondly, the ink we use is made of natural ingredients and fillers.  Our transfers have gone through many lab tests confirming that they are free of all harmful substances including of course lead, heavy metals, harmfulphthalates and more. There is no chemical waste or discharge in the manufacturing process.

For many decoration and labelling applications in the textile market, using a Kaumagraph transfer is a responsible choice for high quality embellishments.  We specialize in printing onto denim and pant pocket bags and waistbands, medical and industrial garments, t-shirts, socks, underwear, shoe insoles and more.  Kaumagraph Transfers are produced globally in our factories in Canada, U.K. and Thailand.

For more information please contact us at info@kaumagraphinternational.com