A frequently asked question for us is ‘what is a Kaumagraph?’  Well, simply put, a Kaumagraph is a hot paper transfer that is applied to a textile with heat and pressure.  A Kaumagraph is different from many other transfers on the market in that it doesn’t need any special coated paper, adhesive glue or powders to make it adhere to the garment.  The secret is in the inks.  Our inks melt into the textile which is what allows us to have a very durable finish.

Kaumagraphs are known by many other names and are spelled differently – kaumograph, komograph, kauma, kaumo, hot paper transfer, hot melt transfer and more.  They are all the same thing.

Kaumagraphs have many benefits over other technologies.  The primary being the great price.  Additionally you also have great durability, high speed of application, great stretch and recovery and fast manufacturing.  Please take the time to review Kaumagraph International as an option for your transfer requirements and contact us if you have any questions.